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My name is John and I am an author and a blogger spending my days writing about things I am passionate JohnE

I own and operate several websites that have subject matters of gardening, emergency preparedness, and anti-aging ideas.

I do this for a living and am constantly researching and learning about these subjects that for me make the world go round.

There are times that I will outsource for some additional input of interesting and informative content.

When it comes to the subject matter of this site, Prepare Solutions, I am a little ‘anal’ when it comes to emergency preparedness.

I live in South Florida and I am under the threat of hurricanes from June 1 till November 30th. I know what it is like to come through the end of a major one without being fully prepared.

Never again!

I have family members who live in California and they have to deal with the threat of earthquakes and wildfires.

I have friends that went bankrupt and some who lost their houses during that Great-Recession thing.

When I owned a brick-and-mortar business I had several customers crying to me because of what Bernie Madoff did to their lives with that Ponzi scheme.

It is all about being properly prepared. And it is not that difficult to do and foolish to do nothing. I am always looking at ideas on how to be self-sufficient.

When it comes to other types of emergency preparedness I will try my best to cover all aspects and have credible sources.

Prepping on many sites will suggest gun ownership. I am fully supportive of the right to own them, however, I will never. I have sons and a father-in-law that disagree with my way of thinking on this subject, but honestly, gun ownership scares the hell out of me.

I can not envision a good outcome if the need to use one should ever occur.

I will on this site, however, have articles on their ownership and proper use of them. To each his or her own.

If you have anything to add, comment, or disagree with, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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