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How To Stay Warm In A Car Overnight0

How To Stay Warm In A Car Overnight

How To Stay Warm In A Car With No Heat Sometimes I just can’t believe what I read. People get stuck in their cars during a raging winter storm totally unprepared and suffering the consequences. Without heat would you know how to stay warm in a car? Would you be prepared with a small bag […]

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Why Should I Be A Prepper or Even Consider It?0

Why Should I Be A Prepper or Even Consider It?

You Should Be Prepping For Survival So why should I be a prepper and why might you consider it? Just look around. Four in ten Americans will face a Mother Nature calamity every year. And let’s not forget what politics or a volatile economy might do to us. Why Emergency Prepping? Hurricane Laura crashed into […]

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Civil Unrest Emergency Plan0

Civil Unrest Emergency Plan

Civil Unrest Preparedness Civil unrest often occurs when a group wants to gain attention for something they feel is unjust. And there are a lot of people out there now feeling those wants and ideas. Would it not be so far fetched or unwarranted for you to have a Civil Unrest Emergency Plan in place […]

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Survival Kit Contents For Your Survival0

Survival Kit Contents For Your Survival

Survival Kit Contents And Their Uses With all that is happening in the world today such as a pandemic, mother nature has been kicking the crap out of us. Because of things like hurricanes and fires, you should be concerned about your Survival Kit Contents. What is your list of survival kit items included in […]

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Self Reliance In Today’s Prepping Society0

Self Reliance In Today’s Prepping Society

Why Self-Reliance Is So Important Today While I’m writing this we are experiencing a pandemic. Hurricanes are threatening, wildfires are causing havoc in the western states, an uncertain economy is looming. And so on. How does Self Reliance come into play before a prepper can be self-sufficient? Self- reliance is a broad term that refers to […]

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How To Prepare For A Flood And Their Reasons0

How To Prepare For A Flood And Their Reasons

Understanding Flood Preparation And Their Reasons I came across a news article about the urgent evacuation of over 10,000 people from communities below two failing dams in central Michigan. Flooding seems to be in the news a lot these days and the question of How To Prepare For A Flood entered my mind. Here are […]

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Car Mileage Thoughts For Emergency Preparedness0

Car Mileage Thoughts For Emergency Preparedness

Car Mileage Needs For The Prepared Before, after, or during a crippling crisis that deprives you of the energy needed to run your vehicle, do not be short-sighted of the importance of Car Mileage thinking beforehand. How valuable would that energy be after the gas stations are shut down due to lack of electricity or […]

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Coronavirus And Hurricane Prepping Tips0

Coronavirus And Hurricane Prepping Tips

Dealing With Coronavirus And Hurricane Threats I have been reading the news lately about the hurricane predictions and started thinking about the Coronavirus and hurricane situations. How do we handle that? With Coronavirus and hurricane situations, how are you going to handle both and protect yourself, family, and home?  This needs to be considered now […]

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Survival Tactics Knowledge And Tips0

Survival Tactics Knowledge And Tips

Survival Tactics To Know For Survival While reading the news today I was getting concerned about all the things going on that might require some unique survival solutions. What are some Survival Tactics that we need to overcome some of these disasters? Natural disasters may strike anytime unexpectedly. However, some can be detected before striking. […]

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Economic Collapse After A Crisis0

Economic Collapse After A Crisis

5 Alarming Ways Economic Collapse Will Affect You The coronavirus pandemic will push the global economy into an Economic Collapse with the deepest recession since the Great Depression, with the world’s poorest countries suffering the most, said the head of the International Monetary Fund. So I of course started to wonder what do I need […]

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