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What Is a Seed Bank and It’s Benefits?0

What Is a Seed Bank and It’s Benefits?

Should I Invest In A Seed Bank So to begin let’s get an answer to What Is a Seed Bank? When it comes to survival prepping, a personal seed bank is a collection of seeds that you can use to grow an assortment of vegetables in a survival situation. Your seed bank should contain a large […]

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Chicken Coop Plans For A DIY Project0

Chicken Coop Plans For A DIY Project

Looking Into Chicken Coop Plans So your thinking of raising chickens for eggs, meat, or just for some ‘good times’. What kind of chicken coop plans will you be needing to get yourself started in the most efficient and cheapest way? There are several DIY books on the building of these chicken homes which you […]

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Food Safety Storage After A Disaster0

Food Safety Storage After A Disaster

Crisis Food Storage Preparation Tips You have been preparing with disaster food supplies and Food Safety Storage for some time now. Do you have to wonder what will happen when you’re surviving on your food stockpiles while others are going hungry? So how do you and your family eat while others are in the need […]

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Long Term Food Storage Done Easy And Right0

Long Term Food Storage Done Easy And Right

Long Term Storage Of Food Living in a hurricane-prone area I have seen the situation before, empty supermarket shelves. During the corona pandemic, everyone in the world experienced the same thing. And everyone is now asking can Long Term Food Storage can help in a crisis situation? Planning long term food storage is not difficult. […]

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Food Storage Long Term Canning Solutions0

Food Storage Long Term Canning Solutions

Long Term Food Storage Canning Methods There have been ‘runs’ on the supermarkets and you were completely caught off guard. Now you are wondering about why did you not think about food storage long term solutions? Today, it’s easy with freezers and canned goods. However, those canned goods are limiting and sometimes tasteless. So learning […]

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How To Start A Chicken Coop0

How To Start A Chicken Coop

So during this recent crisis, I was in the supermarket and found them to be out of eggs. Really? How can you be out of eggs? It’s amazing what a crisis such as a pandemic or something else does to the panic within people. So I started to wonder: are you wondering how to start […]

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A Grow Food Not Lawns Mentality0

A Grow Food Not Lawns Mentality

How To Grow Food Not Lawns When I was recently thinking of expanding my survival garden, I wondered how much lawn do I really need? Would it be a better place to Grow Food? So by eliminating some lawn, would I have a better place to grow food? There are so many benefits to growing […]

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Is A Food Shortage Coming Due To Panic?0

Is A Food Shortage Coming Due To Panic?

A Possible Food Shortage And No Toilet Paper! So I was walking through Walmart the other day and I noticed the toilet paper aisles were empty and the aisles containing canned foods were looking thinned out. I began to wonder are we were headed to a food shortage situation? Along with paper products, can this […]

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What Food Crisis Issues To Be Concerned About0

What Food Crisis Issues To Be Concerned About

A Threatened Food Crisis Cause And Effect I was reading some news the other day about the claim of some scientists that there is a food shortage on the way. I began to question: Is there a food crisis we should all be concerned about? Well, in fact, there is a food shortage going on […]

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Making Homemade Survival Food (MRE)0

Making Homemade Survival Food (MRE)

Homemade Meals Ready To Eat Buying freeze-dried or vacuum-packed prepared food from one of the big box stores or online could be very costly, especially for a family. I was wondering could making homemade survival food would be a better option? So is making your own homemade survival food the way to go? It turns […]

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