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Do We Really Need Underground Survival Bunkers

Want to get away? With the Covid-19 pandemic threat and maybe some Mother Nature ‘sticks and stones’, would it be feasible for you or I to consider an Underground Survival Bunker DIY plan?

A well placed and built underground bunker stocked with your survival supplies could be a life-saving solution for you and your family when things such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and pandemics bear down on us. Our whole lives might depend on getting to safety and having someplace to go quickly. 

underground survival bunker

What are we going to do? How are we going to survive this? What would happen to my family?  If only I had built a survival bunker when I had the chance to.

This could be your story soon if you disregard preparing for the worst. I hate to tell you this but you could be in trouble when the next big disaster strikes. People you love could be left out and exposed with no way to defend themselves unless you are ready to prepare now.

Underground Survival Bunker Solutions

Now that I have your attention let’s talk about ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Let’s talk about backyard bunkers.

Bunkers that you can build for yourself or bunkers that you can rent. Possibly bunkers to be built by a contractor. There are several types of survival bunkers out there and many different ways to get them built, bought, or rented. If you choose to build your own you can possibly build some for rent to the rest of your friends and possibly rent them out yourself

Types Of Survival Bunkers DIY

The kinds that are easiest to keep hidden from anyone are definitely, do it yourself bunkers. These can be made of several different types of materials. Steel concrete and bricks are a couple of the mediums that come to mind.

Any type you have should have a good sturdy door to keep you safe from intruders and weather. Remember that you need room not only to sleep and live a bit enough room to store everything you may need for a long time.

The size of your bunker is important because you may be cooped up in it for a long time. If you have the finds you should always make room for grow rooms and livestock. This will make you able to provide for yourself for generations if necessary.

Designs Of Underground Survival Bunkers

This is where we get into the different styles and materials of survival bunkers. One of the simplest designs could be just a buried con ex box they can be purchased brand new for as little as $ 12,000.00.

Above the ground, they are very sturdy and can fit two to three people nicely for a short period of time.

Underground, you have to consider the cost of digging the hole adding drainage to keep water away from it, and the cost of pumping in the air. These costs can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars but it can be more secure that way.

A concrete bunker with reinforced rebar in it is a good idea also you can use these above or underground also. The downside to this is the cost of the concrete. The cost of concrete could cost as much as .$ 12. 00 per cubic foot and you will have to know how many cubic feet you need before ordering, making the walls a foot thick could run you into a lot of money not to mention the labor involved in setting up the forms and pouring the concrete and getting it done right.

This is something that you don’t want to try on your own. Concrete is very fickle unless you know how to do it correctly.

Styles Of Survival Type Bunkers.

Depending on what you want to use it for the style of an underground survival bunker is also very important. If you have terrible storms where you live you may just want a backyard bunker to protect you from a tornado or hurricane these can be done much cheaper because you really only need a room big enough to get you through the storm, unless God forbid it destroys your home.

That will make the expense of home preparedness worthwhile because you will have somewhere to live while you rebuild. If you are looking for a long term protection plan.

A pod type survival binder may be needed with a pod for you to sleep. A living pod for day to day activities. Then possibly a grow room for planting and harvesting vegetables and grains.

Possibly another with good ventilation solutions for goats and chickens possibly pigs this pod will need that extra ventilation because livestock has an odor that you would not want to drift into your living quarters.survival bunkers

These animals will also need enough room to move around. This means a bigger pod or perhaps more than one.

You will also have the expense of energy survival for lighting the pods and having electricity for all your needs to meaning you may have to set up solar panels somewhere making your bunker easier to find windmills can also ers and thieves. windmills can also produce power but don’t work underground. Or inside for that matter.

What can work inside are generators. For long-term survival inside a bunker getting a generator that runs on flex-fuel will make it possible to make alcohol to make fuel if you can’t get fuel. This will also cost you money,

The generators will only put out about 8 to ten KW also so you will probably need more than one. Another option the may be easier to use would be mini hydroelectric generators. If you have the luxury of having running water close by. You also will need some pretty good DIY skills. Maybe even a professional to come to hook up you’re mini hydroelectric generator.

Underground Survival Bunker Luxury For Rent

There are a few companies on the internet renting out an underground survival bunker for your ‘vacation’ pleasures.

For those of us with deep pockets.

One is a company called Vivo, they will leave a bunker to you at $1,000.00 a month with a $25,000.00 deposit upfront that covers the bunker only you still have to get an electrician to wire your bunker for power and a plumber to set up a septic system in your bunker.

They will also sell you a bunker for $5,000.00 with a $50.00 monthly fee these survival bunkers are furnished and powered and plumbed already. A lot of rich people will be safe in those survivor bunkers.

Vivos, also known as The Vivos Group, is a California-based company founded by Robert Vicino that proposes to build hardened underground shelters designed to withstand future disasters and life-extinction catastrophes. One 10,000-square-foot shelter has been completed in Indiana, and others are proposed. Vicino claimed that the company had approximately 25,000 subscribers, of whom 1,000 had bought shares entitling them to space in a shelter.

The second one that I have heard about was called Fortitude Ranch. The proprietor of that place is also charging a $1,000.00 per year but has set them up in remote places with beautiful scenery and is giving his members access for ten days per year before the bunker is needed.

Also, Rising S Co. has planted about 10 private bunkers in New Zealand over the past several years. The average cost is $3 million for a shelter weighing about 150 tons, but it can easily go as high as $8 million with additional features like luxury bathrooms, game rooms, shooting ranges, gyms, theaters, and surgical beds.

Kind of like a mini pandemic vacation in an underground survival bunker at the location of your choice. This is to give you a feel for the survival bunker and the landscape before you need it.

Bunker Plans And Kits For Sale

Rising A Company has underground survival bunker kits ranging from $399,000.00 to $1.1 million with different styles and unit sizes to select from.

A second one like the first is Atlas survival shelters they have several styles of and kits to choose from. Unfortunately for me, they don’t list prices on their website. Their shelters can be installed by the Atlas installation free also..many other companies have plans that are not answering questions right now but if we start with these we may be directed to more. sites that have many more plans and kits to choose from.

Affordable Backyard Survival Bunkers

One of the methods used for underground survival bunker construction is to dig a hole. A rather large hole. Then line the hole with brick walls. Make the ceiling out of steel dig out a staircase. Then put a trap door on the top. make the inside door strong but a trap door could be painted wood.

Another good idea is to use a concrete pipe tile. Cap it at both ends then have a manhole cover in place this is like a hidden door in plain sight people tend to not lift manhole covers.

Another is buried domes.

I don’t know exactly how they work, however, it seems that they have a hard plastic dome buried in the ground. Some shapes tend to be more efficient and strong enough to hold up the weight of the dirt.

One other I have seen is a wooden box under your own home kind of like a hidden room. The problem with this is that wood is not as sturdy as other materials for a short time it will work though.

Doomsday Bunkers Prices And Financing 

You are looking at thousands of dollars for an underground survival bunker to either DIY or hiring a contractor.

A good way to get the ball rolling on a survival bunker is to get a home improvement loan for building an outdoor storage area.

You don’t have to tell the banker that you are a crazy prepper to get this done if you say that you are going to use the area for storage. If they ask, tell them it’s to store extra food and toilet paper. It will be underground to keep it more efficient. It’s cooler underground than above ground.

Above Ground Storm Shelters


Do You Need This Now?

Is a survival bunker necessary right now? Not really at this moment, but that’s why it’s called prepping or emergency preparedness.

Could it save your life? Of course, it could that is why I’m bringing you this information. I don’t want to be the only one left I would miss you.

The biggest question is it affordable? It really depends on what value you put on your life. It is definitely an investment in your future. The cost is definitely something that you should start saving for now when you can.

Joining a proper group that offers rental bunkers might be a more affordable solution. Although you won’t be in charge of these options it may help you to survive long enough to be able to rebuild.

You would also not be alone that is a good reason to possibly join a prepped group and rent a survival bunker. Make friends and help protect those friends from civil unrest. Building your own survival bunker can be a viable option also. This way you can buy materials as you have the money.

Then build the structure when you have the materials necessary to finish the build. Building your own is also a way to get exactly what you want. By financing it through a home improvement loan you may be able to speed up the prices also.

Building a survival kit for a survival bunker can make the bunker more secure and easier to put together although the cost is in most cases less than affordable. It is still an investment in your family’s future. This can be a way to save the ones you love from a terrible disaster befalling them. This will help you in the long run.

Getting power and air into the survival bunker is key. The first thing you have to remember is that you will need to have fuel or solar or water power if it’s possible on the property your survival binder is on.

And do not forget the food. It is important to have your food issues taken care of before you are going to bug out to your underground survival bunker.

Always remember that your security and safety is why I’m giving you this information. The safety of your family and loved ones is what getting a survival bunker is all about. As we can see from the current pandemic.

It can happen and it can get worse.

The terrible things that are happening in the world right now, a survival bunker is not such a crazy idea. When it happens again it may be worse than this one. As we can see from this one they can really see how it would be for a bad one. The fact that it usually gets worse instead of better should be an excellent motivator to at least start looking at survival bunker.

The facts are clear a survival bunker is a good idea. As I said before when it all goes south I don’t want to be here all by myself. If you aren’t here I will be sad and lonely. So think about a survival bunker today.

Check out websites and forums to get information from prepper groups as they can tell you a great way to get started. Ask questions, get involved in your safety for now, and in the future. We can already see what not getting ready does. Don’t fight for toilet paper get ready for the next one.






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