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Who Are Those Walking Zombies?

And why would they want your stuff? In a crisis situation, when push comes to shove between the haves and have nots, your neighbors and friends may become those Walking Zombies.

zombies walking

Those unprepared and desperate for all those supplies you hoarded before the power went out and Mother Nature or a pandemic ravaged the neighborhood and disrupted the supply chain.

You will need to think about the following:





You do have a plan, right? You know how to prepare yourself and your family, right? Read on so you do not fall victim to that dreaded zombie walk or become one of those walking zombies in your own neighborhood.

Shelter From The Zombie Walk

After the last couple of years of fires, floods, hurricanes, and a pandemic, a zombie catastrophe doesn’t sound as far-fetched as it used to. So first things first, shelter in place again. Provided your home is still intact and safe.

There is no better place to be other than your own familiar space. Your own home where you should have all the necessary supplies at your disposal.

You do not need a ‘pillbox’ type survival space, but you should have more security for your home. Deadbolts on the exterior doors with ‘extended throws’ will do a lot for someone trying to kick the door in.

Think of ways for better window security, such as having the tools and materials available to cover them up. Remember, there will most likely be no power, so fully charged battery-operated tools will be necessary.

So you are well protected inside your own place, how long can you protect yourself and your family from the walking zombies your neighbors have become? You and the family have no electricity, running water, or communications.

How long?

Plan on at least two weeks. That will cover the extent of time needed to cover most crisis situations. I have a son who could go for six months. I’m not that dedicated, and I doubt most of you out there are not either, but two weeks.


In most situations, that is what it will take. Or you may find yourself doing that zombie walk yourself. Clawing and fighting for food and water for you and your loved ones.

Supply Yourself For Survival

Anti-Zombie needs from most to almost most:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Health
  • Communication

You should be well-stocked with basic supplies. And it can’t get any more basic than water. Enough water for everyone. At least one gallon per day. Per person. Think of water harvesting and storage before a crisis or at the very least a way to purify water for drinking. You may need some know-how to take ‘wild’ water and make it safe for you to drink.

After fixing your water situation, start thinking about food. You must eat. Proper prepping would have gleamed you a proper food store in a pantry assigned for such emergencies.

You will need ways to cook it so plan on having waterproof matches, maybe a Coleman camping stove with a fuel supply.

You are now drinking and eating, so it’s time to consider your health. Does anyone need prescription drugs? You should have thought about that beforehand. Drug stores are not going to be open now. Besides, those zombies walking around have likely already broken into the place.

Make sure you have a well-supplied first-aid kit counted among your prepper supplies.

What’s going on out here anyway? Communicating with the outside world would be a good idea so you can understand the zombie walk threat.

Have a good battery-operated radio or one of those hand-cranked ones so you may get up-to-date information and who and where you can get help from. There is a good chance your cell phone will not be working.

Skills Needed While Zombies Are Walking

You are going to need some skills to put some of those supplies you stashed into good use. Not complicated ones, just enough to help give yourself some added protection from those walking zombies or help save a life.

Let’s start with first aid.

You might be in a situation that requires you to help someone with a serious wound (blood everywhere) because of a wind-blown object (it could happen). What would you do?

This is not a TV show. Your phone does not work, and even if it does, the person who answers your call is in a bad situation too, and will not show up in 2 minutes with knowledge and electricity.

You currently don’t have electricity, and as a society, we have lost basic survival skills due to the ease of getting what we need in everyday situations. But this is a different day.

Today you need a medical understanding of how to clean and dress wounds. And you need it now in this crisis situation.  

Think about gaining some basic knowledge. It could be your own child who needs the help because part of your house fell on him.

And while we are talking about fall houses, how about some knowledge about outdoor survival skills?

It might be cold outside. Do you know how to start a fire for heat and food cooking? (remember, no electricity)? Do you know how to create a winter shelter from your ‘beat up’ house so you won’t die from exposure? Can you swing a hammer?

Running From The Zombie Walk

I find this amazing. I read that the search and rescue communities have a catchphrase called Death By GPSPeople don’t know how to read maps. And if you can’t read a map, you can’t navigate to a safe place.

Eventually, you may be forced to leave your house and seek shelter elsewhere.

And if cell towers are down, your phone GPS will not help you. So if you need to ‘bug out,’ have a few maps in the car. And know how to read them. Even in good times. You never know.

If you need to bug out, your bug-out bag should contain :

  • A lighter or waterproof matches
  • An emergency blanket
  • Freeze-dried food
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Battery operated radio
  • Water purifier
  • Camping stove
  • Knife
  • Medical kit
  • A tarp would help build a shelter if needed.

And if you are to take any of this prepper stuff seriously(and you should), one of these bags should always be on hand. You never want to put one together when you must get out now.

A Strong Defense From Zombies Walking

Are you aware of your situation? Are you paying attention to what’s around you? Do you know how to escape a tense situation without resorting to violence?

The violent stuff can be scary, but these are not zombies. These are your so-called friends and neighbors who want your stuff. Stuff they need because they are also hungry and maybe wounded, looking for needed supplies for their family.

Supplies you prepared with.

If you can help, fine, I’m not suggesting you become some ogre. But remember, lots of people are going to be looking for help.

95% of them.

How much can you give before you become one of those zombies?

This might come down to the survival of the fittest.

And now I’m going to get a little or a lot hypercritical.

There might be a point where you will want or need others. A sense of community. Why? Because your decision to interact with others will result in a better result than the selfish lone wolf type.

A 95% better result.

I remember after a Cat 4 hurricane blasted through my neighborhood, leaving many of us without power. For days. Also, it damaged homes and people who were not prepared.

Embarrassed by my own generator not starting, my neighbor threw me an extension cord so I could keep a fridge working via his working generator.

After several days without power, the whole block decided to fire up our BBQs and cook up all the meat in our generator and non-generator fridges.

Community. No walking zombies here.

But I’m not talking about a common crisis such as a hurricane. I’m talking about a critical situation where destruction via mother nature and the non-responsive government kicks us in the ass.

The needs of the many will outweigh the resources available to all. The idea of us tearing ourselves apart after an apocalyptic type of event is popular, and many don’t believe it will ever happen.

But it can.

And to be properly prepared does not cost a lot and will not take up too much of your time and effort.

And it will be worth more than money in the bank.

Fallout Shelters vs. Walking Zombies

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