Food Issue Solutions

For the Do It Yourself individual, nothing may be more satisfying than having all your emergency preparedness food issues taken care of.

Well before the supermarket shelves are empty because of all the last-minute, panic-driven masses.

Legacy Food Storage is one such solution.

Other than that, what food issue solutions are available to you?

So, other than Legacy Food Storage, what can you do for your food issues? The tried and true canning method is one of the best ways to acquire long-term food storage. It is easy and inexpensive to start a new ‘hobby.’

And better than that canned stuff you buy in the market.

But, it’s a lot of work!

Legacy Food Storage For Peace Of Mind

Then there is the really ‘lazy man’ way out. You will not need a last-minute solution for yourself for about 25 years!

But, you may question your need for that so-called food storage idea of storing freeze-dried food pouches in your basement for a crisis.

Do you really need it?

Legacy Food Storage

There was a time when a major hurricane crossed over my house and, as you might have guessed, caused a lot of damage, including power loss, for several weeks.

Nothing called Legacy Food Storage was in my closet, much less in my kitchen, and food was running out for my family.

Did I need it? At that time, the answer was yes.

Do you need it? I believe it is a great food solution for you to consider and look into.

Having a handy supply of food in my house would have made a situation much easier.

Surviving After A Hurricane

Power was out for over a week, and supermarkets had difficulty re-stocking.

And when they did re-stock, supplies quickly ran out by the desperate shopping of all the people who did not prepare properly.freeze dried foods

The National Guard was in town handing out those government-issued MREs and canned water donated by Anheuser-Busch. The lines were long; many went away empty-handed and had to try again the next day.

The storm took me and most others completely by surprise because it was expected to hit us as a Cat 1 instead of the Cat 4 it quickly grew into.

You never know.

I just went through a major hurricane, but for you, it could have been an unexpected fire, flash flood, tornado, or sub-freezing weather.

Power is gone, and supermarket shelves empty if there are still shelves.

The best way to prepare is to prepare for the worse.

Not long after that storm, I made it a point to check out the available freeze-dried food storage products so I would not have to stress over a food situation again.

FEMA’s( Federal Emergency Management Agency) guidelines state: “Every American should have at least 72 hours of non-perishable food on hand in case of a natural disaster.”

Enter Legacy Food Storage

There are many food storage companies out there for my and your consideration. However, I was sold on Legacy Food Storage for several reasons.

Number one is not the 25-year, ‘peace of mind’ shelf life (all those food storage companies have that), but the fact that the food is good enough for a quick and easy meal after a very busy day.

You do not need a disaster to raid the stored food. I would not recommend that, but I am saying that the food quality is good.

When that crisis does happen, you will be happy to know you will not have to live off rice and canned beans.

You can actually be happy to eat this freeze-dried brand of subsidence.

Legacy Food

Each bag contains up to 4 servings.

Legacy Foods has the lowest cost per pound and the largest serving size in the food storage industry. One of those bags contains up to four 1-1/2 to 2 cup servings.

Freeze-dried food

It does not look too bad even before being cooked!

My first try with Legacy Foods was their Chile. I like chili, so what better way to give a taste try-out than to start with something you enjoy?

Emergency cooking

6 cups of water to a boil, add the bag of food and cook for 12-15 minutes. Let sit for another 5 minutes. One bag equals 4 servings. You do not have to cook it all if you do not need all that food.

I went nine yards and cooked this the way you or I would—no power outside on another heat source. Yes……you have to boil water. Have you prepared for that situation…..right?

Legacy Food Chile

The finished product. Not bad at all!

I was quite impressed with the taste of this ‘freeze-dried’ chile. It convinced me that Legacy Foods deserve the ‘Best Tasting Vote.’

While delicious on their own, you may add extra veggies, meats, and other sides to your meals to bump them up a notch, which is what all food storage companies suggest, and some even offer packages like this.

Legacy Food Storage Facts And Questions

  • Meal ingredients are Non-GMO. (that fact sold my wife)
  • Legacy has 15 entrees and 4 tasty meals for breakfast.
  • Legacy Food Storage also offers gluten-free meals.
  • Lowest cost per pound in the food storage industry.
  • Legacy goes beyond just food and offers other emergency products to help you make a bad situation a lot easier mentally and physically manage.
  • They offer a great way to start your food storage plan so as not to break the bank or your budget.

Is it cheap?

It’s not on quality, but you might consider the dollar amount a little up there.

The pricing is very competitive with other suppliers. As with many quantity-driven situations, affordability per serving increases the more you buy.

Legacy’s 16 serving entrée packs cost about $40, and you can go up to a 4,000-plus serving bucket set priced at a little under $9,000.Legacy Food Storage Pricing

Something for everybody regardless of budget.

However, you will not be disappointed with the survival means to an end and the peace of mind investment.

And if you are a hiker or camper, consider the lightweight convenience of Legacy Food.

Whether camping or hiking, you’ll need prepackaged food. Shop today!

You owe it to yourself and your family to consider a one-time investment in your food security if and when a crisis hits.

Please give it a look-see. If needed, Legacy could help you out with the budget issues:

Some Questions You Might Be Asking

Can I purchase single-serving packages? If food storage companies packaged in single-serving packages, they would be pricier than they are now. This is why companies do multiple servings; some even choose big cans!  Packaging costs are ridiculously priced in this industry. Just like the smaller packages at the grocery store vs. the larger ones – sometimes the smaller ones are not much cheaper than the bigger ones!

What are the nutritional facts? It is fairly well-balanced. Per serving, the chili meal I made had 360 calories; 7% total fat; 3% cholesterol; 22% carbohydrates; 10g sugars; 18g protein. The sodium could be considered high at 35%, but this is typical. All survival and camping foods are likely higher in macronutrients like sodium and fat because a more active person is eating them.

And if these are used after a crisis, you will be a lot more active!

Are the bags resealable if I only want one serving? Legacy consciously chose not to put a zip seal on the package, which would only increase the cost to the customer. There are only 4 servings to a package, and if you don’t eat all 4 use a chip clip to close.  You have up to 2 weeks (no refrigeration for dry ingredients)  to prepare the remaining portion.

Do any of their products contain meat?:  Food storage meat is very expensive if you have ever looked at it. Most companies either put a little meat in the meal to satisfy or use inexpensive Textured Vegetable Protein. This is a manufactured product, and while it does have a place in food storage for its protein, longevity, and lower cost, many prefer real meat and always more of it.

Legacy does sell 100% USDA Beef or Chicken as a side package, so you may add as much or little as you want to any meal or use it to create a meal of your own.

Are the non-GMO, gluten-free claims certified?: Legacy Foods require verification from their supplier that the ingredients they use are GMO-free. In addition, when manufacturing gluten-free products, Legacy ensures that their facilities are free from cross-contamination with other gluten-containing foods. The clean room is cleaned before gluten-free items are run. Also, the rooms are completely cleaned up between running new items.

Consider Your Food Preparations Today!

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