Water Filtration And Storage

There is nothing more important than water when facing a survival ordeal. You may live for weeks with little or no food, however 3 days without water and it’s lights out.

How are you going to get clean drinkable water?

You may get it by filtering your stored water through an efficient device such as this:

Water filtration

Stainless Steel Drip Water Filter System – High Capacity Filtration

Power is out not only for you but the utility companies also. Water might not be available from your faucets anymore and that water you stored in the bathtub is not so clean and should be used for flushing the toilet only.

Storing Water For A Rainy Day

Forgive the ‘pun’

If you are properly ‘prepped’ you might have or consider obtaining one of these:

water storage tank


15 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Water Storage Tank – Wise Survival Gear