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Prepping For Self Defense

self-defense prepping

I was always concerned about how I would handle a defense situation when and if it ever presented itself to me and my family. So how and why does one consider this self-defense prepping quest?

It comes in handy in the event of an accident, fire or confrontation by someone. Especially from someone who wants something they need. There are several techniques and tips that I have found and started to study and practice.

Self-Defense Techniques

Self-defense knowledge enables you to get through any violent situation with ease. But you need to have reliable strategies, techniques or weapons that will be of much help to you. If you are putting in place a self-defense strategy, ensure that it is efficient.

The strategy should assist you to get rid of the problem around. In that connection, there are self-defense strategies one can capitalize on. These strategies have been tested and found efficient.

They include the following:


This is definitely the best self-defense strategy. It will save you from a lot of dire consequences. In this regard, you try to keep any possible dangerous occurrence at bay. Usually, attackers look for vulnerable targets. These kinds of targets for them are very easy to confront and attack. It is possible to prevent them from reaching you. First, ensure you have broad knowledge about the place you stay or live. Know your surrounding and be quick to notice any red flags. Make sure you park in areas that you can still have a clear view of your motor vehicle. Keep your car keys in a safe place. Avoid having the same travel routes. Attackers are quick to study patterns. Normally they use one’s patterns to track them down. For that reason, it is important you remain unpredictable. This strategy will prevent attackers from tracking you down.

Try to avoid poking your nose in other people’s matters. This is an approach that keeps you away from confrontations. As you know, confrontations result in conflicts. Conflicts provide avenues through which someone can easily attack you. If confronted by thieves it is a great idea to provide them with whatever possession they want. Avoid getting into arguments which such dangerous individuals.

Scream loudly

This is one of the best self-defense strategies when faced with a strong opponent. Screaming raises an alarm to the people around you. The people will come through to ascertain what has transpired. The attacker may decide to run on seeing the mob. You will get help within less time. Capitalize on this strategy even when faced with a dangerous animal. You can scream while running away.

Be confident

Your confidence might save you from an attacker. Remember attackers are normally out to seek easier targets. Once you show that you are brave then you stand a chance of scaring the attacker away. You can reveal your confidence in many ways. Just ensure you do it right. Do not allow any fear to creep into you. Respond boldly to the attacker while maintaining eye contact. Do not show any signs of backing down. The attacker will be scared easily.

Usually, attackers interrogate their targets before making a move. Under these circumstances be bold enough. Do not shiver or tremble. Instead, be confident enough so that the attacker does not find any vulnerability in you. Never get distracted at any instance. Distraction gives attackers a chance to attack you easily.

It is important you have a great grasp of your surroundings. Knowledge about your surrounding will prepare you for what is to follow. You will get better ideas on how to lose your attacker easily. All in all, make sure you do not allow fear to take the better part of you. Fear makes it easier for someone to take advantage of you.

Have a Non-Confrontation Stance

Do not provoke the attacker. Provoking this kind of individuals only makes the situations worse. Things might just get nasty if you raise their temper. This strategy needs you to have a great non-confrontational stance.

Stay calm, confident and relaxed. The attacker will get misled and there is a possibility fear might take a better part of them. Once the attacker cannot predict your move, you can easily strike. This self-defense strategy will get you out form any dangerous confrontation. Just stay calm while rolling out your plan.

Do not get into a physical fist fight with the attacker at once. Only do that when you notice any serious impending violence. Getting into a fight so soon will just lead to more problems. If you are requested to hand over your phone, wallet or any physical items, just comply. You can always buy another physical item. Do not allow it to be the reason why you end up being assaulted. Be wise and act with a lot of discretion.

Comfort zone

Capitalize on your comfort zone as a defensive mechanism. Once the attacker gets to this zone, react aggressively. This can be through using a firm and confident tone. The tone should make the attacker back off. If the attacker does not comply, then it is high time you start contemplating on keeping yourself safe. This is one of the best self-defense techniques for women.


A physical defense strategy might come in handy once confronted. Reveal your hidden warrior character. Fight boldly and pick yourself up when knocked down. Do not end the confrontation until it neutralizes. In this connection, you have to be very smart. Do not just fight anyhow. Prevent the attacker from getting access to any sensitive part of your body. It is important to take precautionary measures while fighting. This will minimize the chances of getting injured.

Self-defense techniques for women

Women fall prey to many dangerous confrontations. Most of them are affected negatively with these occurrences. Women are affected most due to the lack of better self-defense training. Most of them do not how to react when confronted by an attacker. There are significant self-defense techniques women can use just to protect themselves. They include the following:

Use your Instincts

Your instincts might enable you to avoid that impending danger. You just have to capitalize on your instincts. Carefully pay attention to that still voice. If it says otherwise from what you are planning to do, change your decisions to be in line with it. Remember if something does not feel right be sure that danger awaits. Unfortunately, most women do not pay attention to that still voice.

Have firm verbal boundaries

Great verbal skills will come in handy when confronted by an attacker. These skills normally suppress any thought or act of fear. Usually, attackers make the most out of once vulnerabilities. Do not expose your vulnerabilities to your attacker. Normally the attacker will interrogate you to discover any weaknesses. In such instances, you have to respond boldly. Use your voice to keep away the attacker from causing any injuries to you.

Maintain a safe distance

Mind your distance while under confrontation. Place yourself at a distance that you can easily defend yourself from. You need to react swiftly when faced with an attacker. In case of any physical confrontation make use you fight back but in a responsible manner. Maintain the right body position also. It will play a significant role when defending yourself.

Whenever the attacker starts getting closer to you, take advantage of verbal boundaries. If the attacker does not back off, then prepare for a fight. Fight not only boldly but also in a smart way. This is the only way you will be able to protect yourself from any possible serious injuries.

Use simple techniques

Complex techniques might just confuse you further. They will prevent possible options through which the attacker will get the better side of you. Simple techniques will allow you to calm down. Then you can react well to the confrontation at hand.

The use of simple techniques does not come easily. You have to be very smart to overcome any inability to react well to the issue at hand. It is important that you do not reveal to your attacker that you are weak or afraid. That can be confirmed through your reaction. Keep calm and be ready to react in the best way possible.

Be brave

Do not look weak before your attacker. Such a reaction gives the attacker power over you. Therefore, the attacker will control you with ease. Anyway, how does one remain brave even under confrontation? First, ensure you keep calm. Do not provoke the person confronting you. Whenever you are interrogated, answer boldly while maintaining eye contact. This prevents the attacker from identifying any vulnerabilities or weaknesses you might be having. Do not show any signs of fear. The attacker will be confused and fearful.

In case the attacker starts getting close to you, use your verbal boundaries. Boldly threaten him/her to back off. If there is no response you can fight. Just ensure you do not put your life at risk.


Do not be predictable. The attacker should not predict your next move. For instance, when engaged in a disagreement you can capitalize on non-confrontational stance or verbal skills. If the attacker holds you, fighting back immediately is one of the best response. As you even react, do it boldly. The attacker does not need to notice any fear in you. This is a strategy that will scare away the person confronting you. Then you can get enough time to ask for help. You can also run away if you realize you cannot deal with the attacker. All in all, make sure you remain unpredictable.

Do not Panic

Most women tend to panic when knocked down to the ground. This allows fear to take the best part of you. The attacker does not need to find any vulnerabilities in you. Remember these selfish individuals normally take advantage of one’s weaknesses. Do not fail into this kind of trap lest you get hurt. Fight back immediately. Doing so will impose fear into your attacker. You can now deal with the task at hand more boldly and with ease.

Use Self defense weapons

You can also use some self-defense weapons to scare away an attacker.

If you are a gun’s license holder, then use it. The attacker will be scared aware. Immediately, you can ask for help. There is a catch. Make sure the Self defense weapon you are using can instill fear into the attacker. Do not pick up any weak object and think you will fend off any confrontation.

Self-defense training

It is high time that women consider going for Self defense training. The training will equip them with relevant skills that will come in handy when confronted. Nevertheless, as a woman take note that not any kind of Self defense training will benefit you. Ensure you put some significant factors to determine where you will undertake the training from. Below are some of the tips that will guide you.

• Experienced Self defense trainer

You need someone that is skilled in this field. There are different Self-defense trainers out there in the market. Not all of them have the right knowledge and skills in Self defense training. You have to avoid such individuals.

• Training Fees

There is no need to spend quite a fortune in Self defense training. Try to avoid expensive Self-defense training institutions. Make sure you look around the many training institutions that you can approach. Look at their prices every institution has to offer. Choose one that provides better services at a reduced cost. Consult your friends who have been to a self-defense training Centre. Such friends have firsthand information on which centers offer the best training services. Use their pieces of advice to pick on a reliable center.

• Know the threats at hand

You have to be aware of the various threats that might put your life at risks. Then look for a training center that is known for providing better solutions for those kinds of threats. The training centers will give you the needed training that will always keep you out of trouble. You will learn how to prevent some issues and also how to react.


Everyone needs self-defense when confronted. Self-defense is vital in that it allows you to stay out of trouble or being injured. It gives you better skills that you can apply when confronted in a dangerous way. In order to get those skills, you can undertake a self-defense training course.

You will get to learn on how best you need to react when faced with an attacker.

Go for a reliable self-defense trainer so that you get the needed skills. There are also some self-defense techniques you can use just to stay away from any danger.

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