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Survival Jobs After A Crisis Or Pandemic

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were hit hard. This is a very difficult economic period. The company closed. People are fired. Prices and retirement plans go up and down like crazy roller coasters. Surviving unemployment has become an unfortunate lifestyle for many people. So you’re thinking, what will the Survival Jobs to Pay Bills look like?

They might look something like this:

  • Temp Work. If you are good with computers 
  •  On-Line Personal Trainer 
  • Learn some online marketing 
  • Personal Assistant for bookwork, driving 
  • Teaching and tutoring 
  • Social Marketing training is available
  • Driving for food delivery services 
  • Walking the dogs in the neighborhood
  • Learn Real-Estate 

survival jobs to pay my bills

Survival Jobs Meaning

A survival job is a job that you take to help pay the bills while you wait to do what you normally do to pay the bills. While survival jobs are often thought of as being for actors, they are often necessary for people pursuing all types of artistic endeavors professionally. With this crisis, actors are not the only ones looking for survival jobs to pay bills

Understanding The Crisis Situation

If you are not in place yet, if the company’s layoffs have not hit your department or region, don’t take it easy for now. In this case, the ax may fall at any time.

Based on people’s guesses about the economic situation, many decisions are being made at a high level. But that doesn’t mean you must sit in fear and wait for the terrible phone call to enter the personnel department office.

Before considering survival jobs to pay bills, you can start preparing for unemployment immediately.

I know that this is not the most enjoyable task in the world. But this is a safer moment than regret. And, if it turns out that your work is safe and you can survive this period, then these survival job tips will put you in a better position.

Emotional Fog And Its Impact On You

Layoffs are very difficult for everyone, including those left behind. If you survive the cutting, picking up the pieces and moving on is the job. However, the intense mixing of emotions can make it difficult.

You feel loyal to laid-off colleagues, and loyalty to the company makes you smart enough. After a while, you breathe a sigh of relief and know that the salary has not yet arrived. You will hold your breath at the next moment, wondering if you will.

Financial issues may permeate the entire organization, so you don’t have to bother to find much-needed resources. Tired and scared, you look at other people suspiciously, wondering why they are so easy.

Pay close attention to the situation in other areas of the company.

Layoffs are like a wave of grief, rolling between departments. See if someone is scrolling in your direction.

Pay close attention to other companies in your industry.

Check the reasons for layoffs in other companies. If you can correct some causes in your department, please do so.

Control your family income and budget.

Reduce luxury goods. Hold family meetings to determine which items are luxury goods and who gave up what items. Make a family budget and stick to it.

Make yourself valuable to the company.

Volunteers involved in high-profile projects. Help out and cooperate with other departments. Perform the project within the budget and before the deadline. This is to show the company the value you bring so they can think twice before letting go.

Know your resources.

Find out if you can make your interests go beyond layoffs. Understand the location of various government departments and charities in your community. If you need to find a vacant position quickly, please start establishing a network of personnel in related industries or companies.

Natural response: harder, longer, more lonely

In this case, the simplest response is to do it yourself. Don’t discuss your feelings with anyone. And don’t complain about the amount of work that needs to be done. You should be happy to find a job. Most importantly, you must work long hours to overcome the sense of keep working when you let go of others.

No Job What Do I Do?

Unconsciously adjust beliefs to support your actions.

Research shows that when we take one way and believe in another, we change our attitudes to support our actions. This helps us to reduce the internal tension caused by the conflict.

Therefore, if you continue to work, you will find a reason to stay away from laid-off employees. Although this may be irrational, you may get angry at people fired because they left you and all their jobs.

Ironically, organizations and survivors have become good people, and those who have been fired have also become good people.

Or, if you maintain a friendship with the laid-off, you will find a reason to stay away from your organization. You may decide you cannot work for an organization that drains high-quality talent. Eventually, the organization and the survivors became bad people, and the people fired good people.

However, which response is the best response? In this case, we aim to make choices that will bring us back for ten years. During periods of major turbulence, the path of least resistance is usually the path of least entertainment.

Find activities to reduce inner tension and help you make informed decisions.

If you have recently survived the layoffs, you can take the following five activities to reduce your inner pressure, restore balance, and make more informed decisions.

Write your thoughts on paper.

When your thoughts keep rolling in your mind, the problem will be overshadowed by your emotional filter. When you put them on paper, the emotion filter will be removed, allowing you to make more conscious choices. This helps you to clarify your feelings and goals in the emotional fog.

survival jobs planning

Find a quiet place, pick up the pen, and start writing. Don’t worry about the consistency, logic, or authenticity of the content written. Just write down what you think of.

Write a letter you will never send to the person in charge of layoffs. Before reviewing, put your ideas on hold for a day or two. You may be surprised by the findings.

Get enough sleep

After the rest, we will all make better decisions. Give your body and mind time to reduce stress; plan to go to bed early and go to bed as late as possible. Take a nap on your rest days. Continue to get more rest until your body and mind return to balance.


As long as you have time, arrange some unplanned time for yourself. Do whatever you want. Don’t sweat the details. Breathe. Just breathe.


Go out and do something that has no purpose other than enjoyment. Participate in sporting events, ride bicycles, walk, paint watercolors, work in the garden, and play with children. Play allows you to focus on the interesting part of life. When you return to work after participating in fun activities, you will rejuvenate with new vitality and new insights into life.

Talk about your feelings.

The layoffs caused confusion for each participant. Discuss this with your colleagues, and don’t be afraid to talk frankly with the laid-off. Let them know that you are sorry they lost their jobs. Please tell them if you feel you still have a job and they don’t.

Feel that long work hours with the guy will not make your laid-off friends feel better or make them work again. You can help your friends by giving them more support and encouraging them to trust their strengths and abilities. Each of you has the elements you need internally to create a new chapter of success in your life.

Therefore, relax, reorganize, and restore your strength and energy for the next step. Go forward and know that everyone’s future will be bright and safe again. There is always a way to exercise in life.

How Do You Cope Without A Job?

First, you will be angry.

First, take a closer look at the company you work for. You are fired. How many company personnel or senior management were laid off? When you sit down and wait for the phone to ring, can they still receive a million dollars in salary?

According to the Harvard Business Review (November issue), do you know?

“For example, in the United States, from the earnings reports of most companies, the corporate sector performs well …”

However, to maintain the company’s salary level, they need to fire the dwarfs. You were, and always will be, one of the dwarfs.

Survival With Jobs

Now, overcome it. Now, break even.

How do you become even? You can even get paid back by doing something different, relying on it to make a living, and actually being satisfied with what you have done.

Did you know that the way many large companies operate is just a greedy method? After they laid off many workers, the overworked were promoted and underpaid, so the wages left behind were too high. Many of these workers are treated badly by their supervisors, and these employees are fed up.

What does this have to do with you? Think about it … nearly half of the US workforce (depending on the survey you read) is not satisfied with their work and plans to leave their company after the recession is over. Who will do business? Smaller businesses.

Many people laid off and looking for survival jobs to pay bills are starting small companies and soon becoming successful.

Some companies are afraid of doing business with large companies. The reason is simple: they do not have employees to handle the workload. And the employees have been overworked and completely stressed. These companies are now starting a business with smaller companies.

Many ordinary consumers also tire of doing business with large companies, mainly because of how they treat employees.

Therefore, seeing that you are laid off is a challenge. How do you become bigger and better than the idiots of the companies you worked for?

Remember, those company idiots are laid off, and the cruel treatment of the remaining employees is basically the people who root their company underground.

Examples Of Survival Jobs

So what can you do to find some types of survival jobs to pay bills and provide for your family?

How about starting your own business?

What if you don’t have extra money to start your own business? You can also do many other things. Many mechanics have left car dealerships and started their own small businesses with the tools they own. Setting up your own consulting company requires little. Freelancers don’t need to spend anything.

You can do many things using your creativity.

Don’t let the fact that you get fired distract you. It’s time to get up and fight. Plan now and set your goals so that you will have the upper hand after this recession ends. You can then review and laugh at the idiots you have worked in before.

If you continue to work, you unconsciously cut off the relationship with the fired person, even if they are friends. Keeping up with them and working in an organization responsible for layoffs is too stressful.

This post is not doom and depression. Although the economic sector is declining, and many people are being harmed, as a country, we have not reduced the price of selling apples for nickels on street corners.

However, when unemployment severely damages your home, it will suffer severely. When the economy rebounds after the Covid-19 pandemic, it may also put you in a better position.

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