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 Surviving the Collapse Of The US Dollar

Just when you thought that home preparation, self-defense preparation, food preparation, etc, etc, for maybe a natural disaster was going along smoothly, I will throw this at you.

What may happen if all the money you have becomes almost worthless or just nonexistent?

Can the collapse of the US dollar really manifest itself?US dollar collapse

Natural disasters may be an easy situation to prepare yourself for, due to the fact you are aware of your situation and know the risks.

However, there are people, you know them, those political types and power brokers who run Wall Street and the banks that will throw a monkey wrench into your well being!

Actually, I’d have to say that there isn’t a potential collapse but according to some, a definite collapse is coming our way. At least that is what some people are convinced of.

As a matter of fact, some from my own family!

Dollar Collapse Scenario

There are a lot of things that are going on around us, which give us all cause for concern. One of the biggest going on today is the potential collapse of the  US dollar.

There are those who feel that the only real question we face is when the collapse is
going to happen and how bad it will be when it comes. When reading the business news on any media available it seems like a never-ending scenario of some kind of monetary calamity.

The likes of  Russia, Iran, China talking with each other, the uncertainty of the Europen Union for example, yet somehow we keep moving on as if nothing is going on.

Each time that things like that happen, it just means that the next time it will be worse. One of these times, they won’t be able to stop what might come to an unstoppable crisis, and the whole house of bills is going to come tumbling down.stock market collaspe

That won’t be pretty when it happens. When Argentina had its financial collapse, many lives were destroyed.

People went from owning businesses and having everything they need one day, to collecting cardboard to sell for recycling the next. Not something you would look forward to.

It took three years for Argentina to dig out of that mess. Things won’t be that quick and easy when it happens in big developed nations. When Argentina’s economy collapsed, the rest of the world was there to pull them out; who will be left to pull us out?

I remember when the U.S. had the housing collapse in 2009, it affected the economy around the world. I was the owner of a brick and mortar business at the time. I almost lost that business because of the impact those crooks on Wall Street created on the economy.

Thousands of people lost their jobs, their pensions, their lively hoods.

Added on to that stock market collapse was the much-heralded Ponzi scheme that put mothers and fathers moving in with their kids because they were swindled out of everything.

We can be sure that the next calamity will do so as well. There won’t be anyone or any country  around that can help Americans get over an economic depression

So, with such a high risk of financial collapse coming and literally no hope of receiving help from other countries, what are we going to do? I hope you’re not one of the people who is expecting the government to take care of us.

They’ve already proven that they can’t do that, and that is the reason your on this site and others: to prepare yourself!

What Will Happen If The Economy Collapses?

The scariest things in life are unexpected. However, I will try to bring to the table some of the things you should expect in the event of a collapsing economy.

Five things to look forward too:

  • The money will become worthless

Runaway inflation always accompanies a financial meltdown. The money you have so carefully saved over the years will become worthless in a matter of days.

People will stop accepting American dollars in payment for goods and services. Why would they accept worthless paper, when they might not be able to spend it? Bartering will become the normal way of doing business when the bottom drops out.

The items you have stockpiled will be worth much more than their current cash value. You can barter a roll of toilet paper or a can of chicken. You can’t barter with worthless paper money.

Gold and silver will retain their value as well. Actually, precious metals will increase in value astronomically. However, you may not be able to cash in on that increase in value until the crisis is over and things return to some semblance of normalcy.

  • There will be a breakdown of the supply train

With the loss of income, companies won’t be able to pay their bills. Since most businesses operate on a net-30 basis, after those thirty days, their suppliers will realize they aren’t going to get paid. The next step will be to cut off credit.

This will be the onset of a domino effect. One business will fold because it can’t pay its bills. That will cause financial strain on its suppliers. If enough of the suppliers’ customers fold, they’ll run out of money and go bankrupt as well.

It won’t take long before businesses all over the place will be closing their doors. Oh, it might take a few months for that to happen, but that’s really not all that long.

A general breakdown of the supply chain means that the things that we buy on a day-to-day basis won’t be available. We’ll go to the grocery store and find the shelves empty. It will become harder and harder to buy the basic necessities for survival.

That’s why you’re building a food stockpile. You’re going to have to depend on it – and the other survival gear you are stocking up on – because you won’t be able to find anything in the stores.

  • Do not depend on your utility companies

With the reduction in income, utility companies will have to find ways to cut costs. The first place will be in replacing outdated equipment and performing preventative maintenance. These are great when the money is there to do them, but a burden when it isn’t.

With reduced maintenance, you can be sure that there will be more blackouts, brownouts and times when the city water service is shut down. How much that happens will depend on how long and how severe the collapse is.

As the crisis continues, these problems will increase in frequency and duration. There will be more and more problems caused by these services going out.

The only solution is to have alternate means in place so that you can get by without electrical power and city water. Many preppers install solar power systems, wells, and wind generators to prepare for this eventuality.

  •  Lawlessness will become more frequent

Countless thousands of people will lose their jobs. Being unprepared to face the situation, they will be angry and scared. That will increase when they find that Big Brother isn’t going to be there to help them out.

Mobs of protesters will become commonplace. Those mobs will quickly turn violent, as people vent their anger and fear. Rioting, vandalism, looting, and destruction will become the expressions of that mob.

A funny thing happens with mobs. Those who are peaceful, law-abiding people in everyday life will commit all kinds of crimes. People who never even got a parking ticket may do some of the vilest, most violent things, all because of mob mentality and the unruly emotions of that mob.

The only way to deal with a mob is to avoid it. I realize that is easier said than done, but that’s what you have to do. If you ever find yourself in a mob situation, flow with the mob and gradually work your way to the edge. Once there, you can slip quietly away.

  • Police and emergency services may not be available

If the financial crisis gets bad enough, there may not be enough money to pay police and other emergency services. While most police officers are people of integrity, who would want to go to work, putting their life on the line, when not getting anything in return?

Those police officers and other first responders can easily reach the point where they say, “I’m better off staying home.”

When that happens, the mob violence will become worse. Mobs that realize that they don’t have any risk from the police are the worst. Being totally unchecked makes it even easier for them to become violent.

The only protection in such a case is to be ready to protect yourself and your home. Having firearms and knowing how to use them then becomes an important part of your survival.

So, there are five things that we need to watch out for when the financial collapse comes. While you can’t control everything, you can control your actions and reactions.

By prepping now, you can be ready to feed your family, even when the supply chain goes down. Stockpiling food is part of that, but there’s more you’ll need to do.

And that’s what this website is all about. Common sense approaches to a prepared life.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Dollar Collapse?Prepping for money collaspe

This is something that most preppers are expecting. While they might also be prepping for other things, they are also preparing for this financial crash.

Preparing for a financial crash could be the hardest thing to plan for because so many things that we all depend upon will be gone. The infrastructure will probably fall apart. There might even be a general collapse of society. Bet you are glad your here now!

That’s what happened in Argentina. The financial collapse ended up causing a general social collapse. Mob violence ended up causing a general social collapse. Mob violence became the norm. Vandalism and looting were happening all around.

People who weren’t prepared were the hardest hit. Even those who were prepared had a hard time, but at least they had something to fall back on; they had food and water stored for an emergency.

While the collapse will be a horrible event that may even change this country as we know it, it doesn’t have to destroy your life. By preparing now to live without the help of the infrastructure that we now depend on, you can be ready when the collapse happens.

That’s the true key to prepping. It’s not just about stockpiling food, water, and supplies. It’s learning how to live independently. More than anything, it’s learning how to do things in other ways so that you don’t need the society as it is now to survive.

Any food stockpile will run out eventually. In order to be ready to face the financial crash, you need more than just a stash of food. You need to be able to produce your own food as well. After all, how many of us can actually stockpile three or more years of food?

Many preppers are going far beyond stockpiling food and water. These people are going back to the old idea of homesteading: changing their backyards into mini-farms so that they can grow their own food.

While it may be difficult to grow enough food to live off of, every tomato you can grow is one that you don’t need to buy. The same can be said for every egg your chickens lay.

Food produced on your land is the most secure food source there is. It’s not perfect, however. If you have chickens, you can be sure that you’ll have predators that want to eat them and rats that want their feed, but you’ll also have fresh eggs to eat.

You can’t stop your thinking with food either. With much of the infrastructure down, you’ll have to do a lot of things for yourself. Things like electricity, water, and sewage may not be available.

A case in point about that sewage thing. After a prolonged bout with no power, the sewage in my neighborhood started backing up. This happened because the pump stations used to pump that sewage out were non-operational because they were without power!

That’s just one reason why it’s so important to become as independent as you can. We really can’t predict exactly what will happen when the economic collapse comes. You and I have to be ready for anything.

While being ready for anything is a goal, it may be seen as an unreachable one. There are so many possible problems, each of which contains options we can’t see. However, that’s really no excuse for not trying.

I mentioned a bit about some of the things that can go wrong when the economic collapse comes. There will be more posts related to this subject. Meanwhile, those are some of the thoughts you should consider.

Hope I didn’t scare you too much about financial collapse. Remember, you are one of the people who is preparing for a disaster to strike.

Any disaster!

That means that you will be ready when the time comes, although you may be one of the only ones.

That should give you some much-needed assurance. You won’t have to go to a FEMA camp or stand in line for food and water with everyone else so that you can survive. When your neighbors are depending upon the government, you’ll be able to depend upon yourself and no one else.

When or if a financial collapse comes, it’s going to affect a lot of things. How many aspects of daily life it affects will depend a lot on how serious the collapse is.

Of course, the longer it takes for the collapse to come, the worst it will be when it finally gets here. Politicians think that they can just put it off indefinitely – but for them, indefinitely equals when they leave the office.

John E

John E has been an internet marketer for several years now and enjoys researching, writing, and showing off with several websites from gardening, health, and prepping. He has an education in internet marketing, horticulture, and general contracting. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge with all those who are willing to visit his sites.

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